Doctor offers coronavirus protection advice

Resveratrol has a number of beneficial effects on corona virus infection beyond ACE-2 support; it inhibits the growth of the deadly MERS corona virus by multiple mechanisms. In addition, resveratrol diminishes the kind of inflammation associated with corona virus infection. Dr. Leo Galland M.D. – FOX NEWS March 24, 2020



除了 ACE-2 支持之外,白藜芦醇对冠状病毒感染具有许多有益作用; 它通过多种机制抑制致命的 MERS 冠状病毒的生长。 此外,白藜芦醇可减少与冠状病毒感染相关的炎症。 Leo Galland 博士 – 福克斯新闻 2020 年 3 月 24 日

Resveratrol’s Proven Antiviral Activity against Corona Virus

In 2015, Malaysian scientists from the Universiti Putra Malaysia began from a global coronavirus researching a natural food ingredient reported to have potent anti-viral properties. They tested this natural ingredient on many viruses – both human and animal, The world is currently suffering outbreak that has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, for which there is no anti-coronavirus drug currently available. Dr Jennifer Zhang began looking at RESVERATROL specifically for anti-coronavirus properties. She found that RESVERATROL – and found that it showed remarkable recession of viral infections. They discovered it actually had multiple antiviral mechanisms including being able to completely blocked coronavirus inhibit viral replication, protein synthesis, gene expression, and nucleic acid synthesis. The name of this natural compound is RESVERATROL! Their 2015 published 6 hours following infection, paper was titled “Antiviral Activity of RESVERATROL still exhibited RESVERATROL against Human and Animal Viruses”. Their conclusion replication at specific levels, and more importantly, when virus- infected cells were treated with RESVERATROL starting as late as significant inhibitory effects on virus replication. Her findings was that RESVERATROL has a high antiviral potential in both human and animal viral infections, and that drug for treatment of more studies should be focused on demonstrated RESVERATROL to be a potent anti-coronavirus coronavirus-caused diseases. its direct use in the amelioration of Her published paper is titled viral infections in humans and “Resveratrol: A New Anti- companion animals. Coronavirus Drug

Resveratrol: A New Anti-Coronavirus Drug

Zhang, Jennifer

Coroneviruses can cause fatal respiratory diseases in humans and are responsible for the most recert workdwide outbreak af the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) that claimed more than 400 Ives. However, no anti-coronavirus drug is currently available. h this study, resveratrol, a natural compound commonly found in some plarts such as grapes, raspberries, and peanuts, was evaluasted for any arti-coronevirus activity inan invitro cell culture system. Ih this system, when the cells are Infected with a recombinant coronavirus that expresses a green fuorescence protein, virus infection and replication can be moritored in real ime by observing the green fuorescence under a microscope. t was found that resveratrol completely blocked vinus replication at a concertration af 25 ugimi or higher. The 50% intibitory concentration (IC50) was estimated to be 5.5 ugiml mportantly, when virus-nfected cells were treated with resveratrol starting as late as 6 hours folowing infection, resveratrol stil extibited sigrificant irtibitory effects on virus repication. These results demonstrale that resveratrol is potentialy a potert ani- coronavirus drug that can be further developed for treatment of coronavirus caused diseases



2015 年,马来西亚博特拉大学的马来西亚科学家从全球冠状病毒开始研究一种据报道具有强效抗病毒特性的天然食品成分。 他们在许多病毒上测试了这种天然成分——人类和动物,世界目前正在遭受爆发,已被宣布为国际关注的突发公共卫生事件,目前没有抗冠状病毒药物可用。 Jennifer Zhang 博士开始专门研究白藜芦醇的抗冠状病毒特性。 她发现了 RESVERATROL – 并发现它显示出显着的病毒感染衰退。 他们发现它实际上具有多种抗病毒机制,包括能够完全阻断冠状病毒抑制病毒复制、蛋白质合成、基因表达和核酸合成。 这种天然化合物的名称是白藜芦醇! 他们 2015 年在感染后 6 小时发表,论文标题为“白藜芦醇的抗病毒活性仍然表现出白藜芦醇对人和动物病毒的作用”。 他们的结论是在特定水平上复制,更重要的是,当用白藜芦醇处理病毒感染的细胞时,它开始对病毒复制产生显着抑制作用。 她的研究结果是,白藜芦醇在人类和动物病毒感染中均具有很高的抗病毒潜力,而用于治疗更多研究的药物应集中在已证明白藜芦醇是一种有效的抗冠状病毒冠状病毒引起的疾病上。 它直接用于改善她发表的论文,标题为人类病毒感染和“白藜芦醇:一种新的抗伴侣动物。冠状病毒药物”。



冠状病毒可导致人类致命的呼吸道疾病,并导致全球最近的中东呼吸综合征 (MERS) 夺去 400 多人的生命。 但是,目前还没有抗冠状病毒药物可用。 在这项研究中,在体外细胞培养系统中评估了白藜芦醇(一种常见于葡萄、覆盆子和花生等植物中的天然化合物)的抗冠状病毒活性。 在该系统中,当细胞感染表达绿色荧光蛋白的重组冠状病毒时,通过在显微镜下观察绿色荧光,可以实时监测病毒感染和复制。 发现白藜芦醇在 25 ug/ml 或更高的浓度下完全阻断病毒复制。 50% 抑制浓度 (IC50) 估计为 5.5 ug/ml。 重要的是,当感染病毒的细胞在感染后 6 小时开始用白藜芦醇处理时,白藜芦醇仍然对病毒复制表现出显着的抑制作用。 这些结果表明,白藜芦醇可能是一种有效的抗冠状病毒药物,可以进一步开发用于治疗冠状病毒引起的疾病。

RESVERATE Resveratrol’s Proven  Activity against Corona Virus

Extensive research has been carried out on resveratrol demonstrating its capacity to prevent a wide variety of health conditions, and to help control viral, fungal and bacterial infections in humans. Resveratrol is natural compound produced by certain plants. Coronaviruses can cause fatal respiratory diseases in humans and there is no anti- coronavirus drug currently available. Resveratrol has been studied extensively for its anti-coronavirus activity with findings demonstrating that resveratrol completely blocks coronavirus replication at higher concentrations in- vitro, and even exhibits significant inhibitory effects starting as late as 6 hours following infection. These results demonstrate that resveratrol is potentially a potent anti-coronavirus drug for treatment of coronavirus-caused diseases.

Coronaviruses can cause fatal respiratory diseases in humans; however, no anti-coronavirus drug is currently available. In this study, resveratrol, was evaluated for its anti-coronavirus activity. It was found that resveratrol completely blocked virus replication at higher concentrations in-vitro. Importantly, when virus-infected cells were treated with resveratrol starting as late as 6 hours following infection, resveratrol still exhibited significant inhibitory effects on virus replication. These results demonstrate that resveratrol is potentially potent anti-coronavirus drug for treatment of coronavirus- caused diseases. Resveratrol:A New Anti-Coronavirus Drug – Zhang, Jennifer https://abstracts.societyforscience.org/Home/PrintPdf/11601 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) is an emerging viral pathogen that causes severe morbidity and mortality with no approved or licensed vaccine. Here, we analyzed the antiviral activities of resveratrol, a natural compound found in grape seeds and skin and in red wine, against MERS coronavirus, with conclusion that resveratrol is a potent anti-MERS agent in vitro. We perceive that resveratrol can be a potential antiviral agent against MERS- coronavirus infection in the near future. Effective Inhibition of MERS-Coronavirys Infection by Resveratrol BMC Infectious Diseases 17, Article number: 144 (2017) httes:/hmsintectdisbionedcentral com/atihe/10 1112879 017-2253 Resveratrol has shown a high antiviral potential associated with inhibitions of viral replication against a number of viruses including the influenza (flu), HIV, herpes, swine fever.. etc., viruses, in both human and animal viral infections. Antiviral Activity of Resveratral against Human and Animal Viruses Advances in Virology, Article iD 184241 (3), November 2015. https://www.hindawi com/journais/au/2015/184241/ Resveratrol strongly inhibits the replication of influenza (flu) virus and is a particularly valuable anti-influenza drug shown to significantly and dose-dependently inhibit, and even completely block, viral replication. Inhibition of Influenza A Virus Replication by Resveratrol The Journal of infectious Diseases, Volume 191, issue 10, 15 May 2005. http://academic.aue com/id/article/191/10/1719/790275


RESVERATE 白藜芦醇对冠状病毒的经证实的抗病毒活性

已经对白藜芦醇进行了广泛的研究,证明其能够预防各种健康状况,并有助于控制人类的病毒、真菌和细菌感染。 白藜芦醇是由某些植物产生的天然化合物。 冠状病毒可导致人类致命的呼吸道疾病,目前没有抗冠状病毒药物可用。 白藜芦醇的抗冠状病毒活性已被广泛研究,研究结果表明,白藜芦醇在体外较高浓度下可完全阻断冠状病毒复制,甚至在感染后 6 小时内开始显示出显着的抑制作用。 这些结果表明,白藜芦醇可能是一种有效的抗冠状病毒药物,可用于治疗冠状病毒引起的疾病。

冠状病毒可导致人类致命的呼吸道疾病; 但是,目前没有抗冠状病毒药物可用。 在这项研究中,对白藜芦醇的抗冠状病毒活性进行了评估。 发现白藜芦醇在体外在较高浓度下完全阻断病毒复制。 重要的是,当感染病毒的细胞在感染后 6 小时开始用白藜芦醇处理时,白藜芦醇仍然对病毒复制表现出显着的抑制作用。 这些结果表明,白藜芦醇可能是一种有效的抗冠状病毒药物,用于治疗冠状病毒引起的疾病。 白藜芦醇:一种新型抗冠状病毒药物 – Zhang, Jennifer https://abstracts.societyforscience.org/Home/PrintPdf/11601

中东呼吸综合征冠状病毒 (MERS-CoV) 是一种新出现的病毒病原体,在没有获得批准或许可的疫苗的情况下会导致严重的发病率和死亡率。 在这里,我们分析了白藜芦醇(一种在葡萄籽和皮肤以及红酒中发现的天然化合物)对 MERS 冠状病毒的抗病毒活性,得出的结论是,白藜芦醇是一种有效的体外抗 MERS 药物。 我们认为,在不久的将来,白藜芦醇可以成为对抗 MERS-冠状病毒感染的潜在抗病毒剂。 Effective Inhibition of MERS-Coronavirys Infection by Resveratrol BMC Infectious Diseases 17,文章编号:144 (2017) httes:/hmsintectdisbionedcentral com/atihe/10 1112879 017-2253

白藜芦醇已显示出与抑制病毒复制相关的高抗病毒潜力,这些病毒包括人类和动物病毒感染中的流感(流感)、HIV、疱疹、猪瘟等病毒。 白藜芦醇对人和动物病毒的抗病毒活性病毒学进展,文章编号 184241 (3),2015 年 11 月。https://www.hindawi com/journais/au/2015/184241/

白藜芦醇强烈抑制流感(流感)病毒的复制,是一种特别有价值的抗流感药物,显示出显着且剂量依赖性地抑制甚至完全阻断病毒复制。 白藜芦醇抑制甲型流感病毒复制 传染病杂志,第 191 卷,第 10 期,2005 年 5 月 15 日。http://academic.aue com/id/article/191/10/1719/790275



【俄罗斯(消息报》网站8月7日根道】題:为新冠静炎干杯什么样的饮食对安者有益(记者奧莉加科達佐娃)葡萄酒,花生,开心果和深色果皮的家果或有助于抵抗新冠的炎,在仔細分析上述食物含有的抗氧化劑白藝芦醇对肺组织和消化系统中一种名为ACE2的簡的影响后,科学家得出了这样的看法。目前这一设想仅得到动物研究的验证,但专家认为,白整首醇确实可以促进ACE2的教量增加由此底新冠病毒通过ACE2沙透进的。ACE2这种蛋白质对机体的生命活动来说必不可少,它存在于時组织,心脏,所脏和大前中。根据中国北京同仁医院内分秘料专家的结论,新病毒可破坏各种器官中ACE2的活动。对小白關的一些院明,大量ACE2或能率低住往随新的炎并发的急性吸容追综合的不過感。莫斯科国立大学分子生物实於室高级研究房罗提曼。济的大金解释说。一方面,ACE2的数量增加会号致终毒向期國透的可能性提高,另一方面,果这种不再工作,将导致Ang I肽的数量增加,这种物质可加重炎症反应。Angl令血管收的井級伤内皮。多創A nutev F※的病整有不利影响,”可增加ACE2数量。白芦醇是自然化合物,在人类想机体中的作用相当于抗氣化剂。这种物质存在于多神加拿大拉瓦尔大学学者认为,多摄入白黎芦醇或結物当由港高約她中t6ばte外性磁E14候剧受在内的各种极端状况,院與和密生虫的能。科学家对该物质用于治疗大量实病的效果展开了研究,包括消恢,抗动外粥样硬化,預防的长等命及许多其他家总体上队简的观点是,白芦酪能够降低新冠病毒所引发或病的不适感。俄罗斯谢切诺夫英斯科国立医科大学官能和超声波途断,心脏病学教研室教授非利普。料佩洛夫表示,动物实验表明,白藝芦國可以增加ACE2的数量,但在动物身上进行的研究绝不意味着对人具有同样效果。日前研究仍处于早期斯段。”想的一点是,红白葡前酒,花生,开心果,可可,树莓,蘭和的果度,欧洲越機和整越莓当中含有这种物质,无论白首整書在的抗新冠效果同样也体现在对免変力的影上,这种抗家化剂对免疫系統的相有过度联引起,自芦醇光全有可能E出现这种并发虚时起到积极作用。而且白藝所醇有清炎效果,可少無胞因子数量。细胞因子可引发“组胞因子风”这往住导政新冠炎患者死亡。目前无法确切地说,需要漿入多少富含白藝芦醇的會物才能影响机体抵抗新病毒的能力。

🛑👇English Translation

Foods containing ceaselitol can help fight the new crown

Scientists believe that edible grapes. Peanuts, trees, and other fruits containing Baimeng reeds are helpful in controlling the virus. (Four pieces of information)

Russia (Izvestia’s website, August 7th) Topic: What kind of diet is good for the Ann’s toast to the new crown Jingyan (Reporter Olga Kodazova) Wine, peanuts, pistachios and home fruits with dark peels It may help fight the inflammation of the new crown. After carefully analyzing the effect of the antioxidant resveratrol contained in the above foods on a type of ACE2 called ACE2 in the lung tissue and digestive system, scientists came to this view. A hypothesis has only been verified by animal studies, but experts believe that cephalosporin can indeed promote the increase in the amount of ACE2, which is why the new coronavirus penetrates through the ACE2 sand. ACE2 is a protein that is indispensable for the body’s life activities. Less, it exists in the tissues, heart, internal organs and the middle of the front. According to the conclusion of the internal secrets expert of Beijing Tongren Hospital in China, the new virus can destroy the activity of ACE2 in various organs. For some hospitals in Xiaobaiguan However, a large number of ACE2 may be less likely to live with the new inflammation complicated by acute absorption. Rotiman, Advanced Research Institute of Molecular Biology Laboratory, Moscow State University, explained. On the one hand, ACE2’s The increase in the number will increase the possibility of the terminal poison to pass through the country. On the other hand, if this kind of no longer works, it will lead to an increase in the number of Ang I peptides, which can aggravate the inflammatory response. Angl makes blood vessels close. Grade injury endothelium. Multi-invasive A nutev F* has adverse effects on the pathology, “can increase the number of ACE2. Resveratrol is a natural compound, and its role in the human body is equivalent to an anti-gasification agent. This substance exists in many Scholars from Laval University in Canada believe that more intake of Resveratrol or other substances should be affected by various extreme conditions such as the impact of the external magnetic E14 in Hong Kong. Scientists have carried out research on the effect of the substance in the treatment of a large number of real diseases, including remedy, resistance to atherosclerosis, prolonged life of prevention, and many others. The overall view is that regurgitate can reduce Discomfort caused by the new crown virus or sickness. Russian Sechenov Insk State Medical University functional and ultrasound, Professor Phillip of the Department of Cardiology. Liu Perov said that animal experiments show that Bai Yi Lu Guo It can increase the number of ACE2, but research conducted on animals does not mean that it will have the same effect on humans. Research a few days ago is still in the early stage.” One thing I think is that red and white wine, peanuts, pistachios, cocoa, The fruitiness of raspberries, orchids, European berries and whole berries contains this substance. No matter the anti-new crown effect of Baishou whole book is also reflected in the influence of immunity, this kind of anti-domestication agent It is caused by over-linking the immune system. Since Retrol Guangquan may play a positive role when this concurrent deficiency occurs. Moreover, Baiyi Sool has a clear inflammation effect, but the number of cytokines can be reduced. Cytokines can trigger “Histokines wind” has led to the death of patients with new coronary disease. At present, it is not possible to say exactly how much residrol-rich conglomerate needs to be injected in order to affect the body’s ability to resist the new virus.



(多伦多2日综合电)加拿大研究人员正在进行临床试验,研究被称为“超级水果“的巴西有(acai berry)作为预防冠病患者严重并发症的潜在方法。据《明报》报道,多伦多大学药理学和精神病学副教授安德里亚扎,直在研究巴西有提取物作为精神疾病的抗炎治疗剂的作用,她的研究显示,巴西莓可减少NLRP3炎症小体介导可触发人体抵抗压力和感染反应的炎症。PA若全球冠病疫情进展,安德里亚扎惊讶地发现NLRP3交症小体也出现在严重的冠病病例中,这促使她向大学官员提出了这项发现,并与彼得蒙克跨過临床試验卓越中心首席研究员戴主任法库(Michael Farkoah)医生合作进了这項研究。


🛑👇English Translation

Acai berry helps prevent complications of coronary disease

Canada conducts clinical trials

(Toronto, 2nd comprehensive report) Canadian researchers are conducting clinical trials to study acai berry, known as the “super fruit”, as a potential method to prevent severe complications in patients with coronary disease. According to Ming Pao, Andreazza, associate professor of pharmacology and psychiatry at the University of Toronto, has been studying the role of Brazilian extracts as anti-inflammatory therapeutics for mental illnesses. Her research shows that acai berries can reduce NLRP3 inflammasomes. Mediate inflammation that triggers the body’s response to stress and infection. PA If the global coronavirus epidemic progressed, Andreazza was surprised to find that NLRP3 commissural bodies were also present in severe cases of coronary disease, which prompted her to present this discovery to university officials and cross the clinical trial with Peter Munch. Dr. Michael Farkoah, the principal investigator of the Center for Experimental Excellence, collaborated on this study.

The treatment of native western plants may help alleviate the isolation of patients in the country’s medical homes. Some patients will get acai berry pills. While other patients will receive comfort-cut pills. Patients will take a pill every 8 hours, totaling 520 mg per day, and provide the researcher with a symptom assessment every 15 days. Researchers hope that this treatment method can avoid the need for hospitalization or ventilators and reduce the risk of death. Half of the patients participating in the trial are in Toronto, and the ex-benefit recipients are in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brazil has so far accumulated 3.76 million cases of coronary disease. The expensive treatment method is not feasible in this country. Faku pointed out that the low-cost treatment and the pressure of the system happened to be touched by the system, adding: “There is no economics behind the project because there are large companies and no government agencies for the elderly…


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